Earn R7500… Ask Us How :


Walk away with R1000 cash by referring friends,colleagues or family to us. IF they selling a car or wanting to buy a car
You get Paid 😁

yes a wooping R1000.πŸ’± All spotters fees will be paid cash on the spot for all successful referrals….πŸŽ‰

you can also receive a bonus of R2500πŸ’Έ over and above your normal fee if you refer 5 successful referrals in the same month…..
So yes you will get the R5000 for the 5 leads and a Bonus R2500 for 5 leads the same month! Simple
We paid this before πŸ€—
so if you want this to be you, get cracking. Let the leads roll in.πŸ”₯ You are welcome to Contact our sales team and make friends πŸ˜‰:

Derril : 0662145004 πŸ“±

Mark : 0662189386 πŸ“±

Jo-anne: 0662199390 πŸ“±

Dave : 0836403161 πŸ“±

Charmaine – 0738559768 πŸ“±

Pieter – 0629325664 πŸ“±

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