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23rd July 2019 

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Spotters Given!!!!

Mr Ifeacho 

Thank You For Referring Someone To Purchase A Vehicle From Us 

Making Money 

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043 050 1031

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How was your Monday?? 

You know why we love Mondays because we get to share our Man Crush Monday with yous!!

Our Man Crush Monday goes out to this beast!! 

Opel Kadett 2.0 16V Boss


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Monday Memories

Looking Back @ Some Of Nates Car Sales Memories 

Nates Car Sales Racing Team 

January 2019 

We Had Some Fun 

Waiting For Our Golfie To Get Fixed 

And We Will Be At The Next Event 

All This Is Only Possible, Because Of The Huge Support We Have From Our Nates Car Sales Family 

Thank You 

We Can’t Do, What We Do, Without You

 043 050 1031

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Congratulations & Welcome to Nate’s Car Sales Family

Mrs Eybers, For Purchasing The Stylish VW Polo 

Looking Good 

It Was An Absolute Pleasure Doing Business With You 

You Welcome To Pop in At any Time For A Cuppa 

Thank You For Choosing To Purchase Your Vehicle From Us 

Thank you for the support 

Well done Shaquille on welcoming another member to our family 

Please contact Shaquille on 066 194 9477
If YOU want to be apart of our Awesome Nate’s Car Sales Family 

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Congratulations & Welcome to Nate’s Car Sales Family

Mr Geya,All The Way Frim Elliotdale, For Purchasing the Perfect Half Ton, Opel Corsa Bakkie

I Hope Your New Car Brings You Lots Of New Adventures And Happiness
You Deserve It

Wishing You Many Happy Kilometres Ahead.
Hope you enjoy your Nate’s Car Sales Cushion

Thank you for the support

Well done Ryan on welcoming another member to our family

Please contact Ryan on 0662189386
If YOU want to be apart of our Awesome Nate’s Car Sales Family

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Advertising In The Daily Dispatch

Front Page 

Stylish Polo’s – Tsi 

Over 6 Avaliable !!!

Pop In And View Them Today 

Wide Variety Of Vehicles To Choose From 

Let Us Know If You See It 

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Happy Monday Nates Car Sales Family

Have a Blessed Week Ahead

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Found the below memory post on FB reminding me of this day….. 9 years today since I died

This Is My Memory 

My im ALIVE Memory 
So we really 
We Live, We Live 

Many people dont know my journey 
It wasnt easy but I made it 

Thank you Jesus,
Forever Greatful and Blessed for Giving me another chance

It’s still not the easiest of roads, but we push on! 

We all face daily challenges 
But we still wake up the next day 
Which is a blessing
My Son is the Reason I wake up everyday

I changed my life around when he was just over 1 years old standing outside ICU while i was laying there 
I knew I needed to change for him and make a better future for him

To come from nothing, 
there wasn’t even a point of carrying my wallet as my accounts were always in a minus….

From driving cars at the harbour for R10 an hour 
From being a driver, earning R700 a week,
From driving taxi in Cleary park.
Only indian taxi driver 
They use to call me raja
Harlem world
From walking in the most dangerous of towns
To every single shop in the Transkei 
Locations etc.. 
Cleaning counters 
Putting stickers up 
Getting chased with knifes 
Almost getting mugged 
Just missed out on shootings 
Was Greatful for whatever job I could get 

I worked and I sold cars….
Got home at 11pm 
Sold cars that time then started work early hours of the morning 
Travelled the Whole of EC 
Pushed and Pushed!

Even after all that I resigned from work, to concentrate on the business. I was nervous to leave work with over 4 years experience because we needed the extra income. 
As I left I got a letter from the muncipality to close. 
It was one of the lowest feelings ever. 
Helpless as I tried everything.

But God closed One Door And Opened Another

The amount of car accidents I had 

Going hectic speeds 
With cars that had no brakes, No suspension

Lets not even go to my drinking days 
Those who partied with me – Lived life
To many memories to mention 
Would have to write 50 books 
Getting chased by cops 
No money to travel 
But we did….
Wires coming out of tires 
Bathing at garages 
Falling a sleep hitting peoples fences 
So so much more 

Racing almost everyday on the roads 

Getting stabbed 
5 stiches later on my chest 

So I literally had 9 lives 

So many other memories!! 

Beside the fight we fight daily. 
I can write 100 books 

After dying I never had money to even visit the specialist often…
But the doctor said I have to come and until today he never ever charged me 

No matter the situation, no matter where you come from, there can ALWAYS be change
Trust me I KNOW

Too many names to mention of all the people that affected my life positively before and that are still there for me now
Thank you for always being there

By Gods Grace I’m still here

And I Will Keep On Doing The Best I Can 
My FB Memory From Last Year Post:

Time Does Fly!

My very own 8 year Anniversary of being a Live, 8 years Today I Died, a few times actually, losing your pulse is quite an experience,Thank You Jesus for Life Again and much more and to My friends,family and loved ones that stood Behind me, and continue to do so on my journey. 

Thank You All For The Support, to all Nates Car Sales Family,Thank you to all the support without you i would not be where I am today, all the people we feed, the people we see. This is only possible because of all of you. 

Thank You To Nates Car Sales Team.

Thank You to You All !

Look at the life you have and know u are Blessed!

Having a Severe Asthma attack, I found my self being re-trenched from work, One of the lowest points of my Life beside loosing my loved ones. I could not find employment after, due to my ordeal. I sold my only car, I started buying and selling cars. It was not easy, however i did not stop. I found myself in the position that I needed to support my family as my parents lost they business, which I still do, I was Blessed to find employment with a striving company where my colleagues are like family, One thing I can stand by is Giving is The only way and luckily I enjoy doing so, I Give a % of all my cars profits to Pastors and People that need. 

The reason I’m telling you this is my hope to move your heart and hand to assist our fellow people. If every one can just lift some one up, we would live in a powerful and Blessed world! 
People would rather see you down than up… From nothing I am grateful for what God has Blessed me with.

I now have one of Biggest Car Dealerships in EL, with over 200 Vehicles to Choose From ! And We Will Continue to Grow. 
It is a lot of hard work,but all worth it.
We will always strive to leave a Legacy for our child!

Hope this will inspire even one person
don’t let your situation control you, control the situation, never give up, Pray! 
God has a plan. There will always be hurdles. That’s life, Take Control and Strive! No matter what your situation is. 
Never Give Up, Always Do Good, And U Will Prosper.

Lots of love Nathanael

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Farewell & Wedding Vehicle Hire

One Of Our Stunning Couples 

Who Hired Us For Their Farewell Last Night 

Hope It Was A Night To Remember 

We Will Make That Special Occasion Extra Special

Contact Shaquille On 0661949477

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